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Retired California Highway Patrol (CHP) Lieutenant Steve Davis worked as a Traffic Officer, Field Sergeant, Dispatch Center Commander, Field Operations Lieutenant, and Area Commander during a unique 32 year career. 

As a Traffic Officer, he received numerous commendations for accident and felony investigations, including a 1973 manslaughter investigation in which his actions were upheld in a landmark published decision of the California State Court of Appeals and affirmed by the Supreme Court (31 Cal. App. 3rd 635), which changed case law and the rules for DUI blood evidence in major accident investigations.

As a Lieutenant, he received a Commissioner's Unit Citation for management of the CHP's Statewide Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Programs, and earned a National Award for Outstanding Performance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for an eighteen month special assignment in Washington D. C. devoted to national and state truck safety programs.

His last assignment, as Commander of the Clear Lake Area, and seven years experience as Team Leader of the CHP's Northern Division Shooting Investigation Team provided powerful insight into the drama and intrigue that led to this fictionalized story.

He and his wife Elizabeth live in Lakeport, CA.