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The fiction mystery novel "22E ... Officer Down!" is the first book published by the author.
To date it has enjoyed an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.
The following are sample ratings taken from Amazon and Barnes & Noble Online.

Book First Posted on Amazon.com April 2, 2013

From AMAZON.COM  [Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5.0]     [Search 'Lt. Steve Davis' or 'CHP Davis' ]

In the interest of full disclosure, I will begin with the WORST REVIEW I have received to date.

I found the book very riveting most of the time. The author did an excellent job of keeping the reader involved until the very end. The book is an easy read. If you aren't in law enforcement, the constant repeating of call numbers was a little distracting, but overall, I enjoyed the book." --- William K.

Written with crisp authentic narrative. Makes you feel like part of the ever-shifting story. Don't pick this up if you plan to sleep tonight. Highly recommend!"  ---  Jeff D.

* * * * *  [FIVE STARS]   "EXCELLENT READ!" 
"I just finished reading "22E....Officer Down!" It is an excellent story told in such a way as to keep your interest from start to finish. It is very apparent that the author knows the subject matter very well. The characters are very well rounded.  I recommend it to everyone."  --- Smitty's Girl.

"Fast moving and gets to the point.  Good story material.  Enjoyed it very much.  Definitely could recommend. 
--- Peggy C.

"Excellent job fleshing out the characters in the story. Good intrigue with just the right amount of bickering between two elected officials. Have already recommended the book to others.   If Lt Davis writes another book, and I hope, he does, I will buy it."  --- Carl W.

"Great writing, excellent character development and a thriller that takes you on a journey to find the killer(s) to solve a case that was never forgotten." ---
Mikaela Rated

* * * * * [FIVE STARS] "22E ... Officer Down"
"Incredible story, as good as the Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch), James Patterson and John Grisham stories. Couldn't put it down so lost a lot of sleep reading. Gripping and full of suspense down to the last paragraph."
--- Byron D.

* * * * * [FIVE STARS] "Great Book.  Easy Read"
"Great book, easy reading, suspenseful with an interesting twist. The author presents real life methods of the time based on his first hand experience as a police commander. Well written and worth reading. I am looking forward to reading more of his books."
--- Jack B.

From Barnes and Noble - NOOK

his is an exceptional "whodonit" novel with characters and clues spread throughout the story leading up to a very surprising ending.  Hopefully there will be more coming from this character and author."  --- April 17, 2013, HiPlainsDan41.


From Amazon BOOKS

Comments Left on Davis Media's Website

"What a story.  I read a lot of the best books written regarding detective, police etc.  Yours is as good as any I've read.  Hope you keep it up and sell them by the millions.  Let me know when you have the next one coming out if there is one."  --- May 8, 2013, Byron D.