Davis Media is the publishing brand for the first books authored by retired California Highway Patrol Lieutenant Steve Davis.  Thank you for taking the time to peruse this page.  I hope you will find these books of interest and you will enjoy reading them.  Currently, there are three books offered for sale by Davis Media;

"22E ... Officer Down!", a 87,000 word novel.
'Perfect Alibis'
, a 72,000 word novel.
'Snap Judgement', a 23,000 word novella.

'Perfect Alibis' has just been published and is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through any bookstore that uses Ingram Publishing as their book source.

Full Length Novel
450 Pages

"22E ... Officer Down!"   Full Length Fiction Mystery Novel - 450 pages - Third Printing. 
If you are looking for vampires, sorcerers, and aliens, this is not the book for you.  But if you want a good old page-turning, edge of your seat whodunit, with suspects, twists, turns and clues, you will definitely enjoy this book.

This murder mystery, set in the rural Northern California coastal cities of Eureka and Arcata in 1970, is sure to captivate readers from the beginning and refuses to let go until the tantalizing climax in 1987.  The mystery begins with a frantic radio call,  "22E ... Officer Down!" resulting in the murder of California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Sonny Tyler on a lonely Humboldt County highway.  Clues are scarce, but suspects aren't, and the case heats up, but then unexpectedly goes cold until Officer Tyler's son, Casey, who was nine years old when his father was murdered, joins the CHP and teams up with retiring Sheriff's Detective Sergeant Don Regan to look at the case again.  The killer is stirred from complacency and Casey's family is threatened and assaulted, but in so doing, the killer begins to leave careless clues which eventually lead to the solution of the case, but not before Casey finds himself confronted by the killer and staring down the barrel of the biggest gun he's ever seen.



Full Length

(372 PAGES)

'Perfect Alibis'   Full Length Mystery/Suspense Novel - Approximately 372 pages.
This is a suspense thriller novel set against the backdrop of Northern California's beautiful coast and surrounding communities.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) Lieutenant Ryan Foster glanced down at the smoking gun in his hand.   This certainly wasn’t the way he envisioned his life turning out.  Yet here he was, standing among four dead young men in a dark New York alley; men he had just lured into an ambush and murdered in cold blood. 
How could a highly regarded career CHP veteran turn into a cold-blooded murderer?  He didn’t even know their names.  Men he’d never seen before tonight.  He couldn’t ponder the question for long, though, the sirens were getting closer, and he had to plan his next murder, in Florida.
Of course, the date his life went awry was very clear; that would be May 26, 2013; the day his seventeen-year-old daughter was murdered on a remote beach near Mendocino, California.
Now, together with Peter Levenson, whose son was murdered by a pro football star called "T-Rex", and New York socialite Elizabeth Hartman, widow of a man slain by a subway street gang, the trio embarks on a bold plan to seek reciprocal revenge for their loved ones' deaths.  The plan must involve foolproof alibis, impeccable timing, and be untraceable.  Can they pull off six perfect crimes, with perfect alibis, all while the FBI, police in New York City, California, and Florida, and a ratings-hungry 'Made-For-TV' Doctor  are watching their every move?


(Short Novel)
73 Pages

'Snap Judgement'   Mystery/Suspense Novella - 73 pages - Second Printing.
First in a series of medium-length stories of the Highway Patrol, featuring CHP Officer Corbin 'CD' Dixon.

In this fiction story, which is set in Lake County, California, readers are on a virtual ride-along with Officer 'CD' Dixon, as he is assigned to investigate a fatal hit-and-run accident in which the wife of well-known local Defense Attorney Jack Travers is struck and killed on a narrow mountain road, not just by one, but two hit-and-run drivers.  Dixon must solve both cases to determine what happened.  As Dixon closes in, the hit-and-run vehicle is dismantled and repaired by accomplices before it can be searched for clues.  Dixon's investigation begins to reveal that the woman may have been intentionally ran over, and the primary murder suspect may be none other than her husband himself.  The high-stakes cat and mouse investigation is thwarted at every turn by Travers' skillful manipulation of the court system, and one-by-one, every potential piece of evidence is lost, until Dixon is down to one tiny scrap of cloth fiber, upon which the entire case may hinge.  When the court orders that it also must be destroyed, the entire case seems lost until Dixon pulls off a clever ruse, and the entire case is unhinged by the most unlikely witness possible.


LATE 2018

'The Secret of Soda Bay'   COMING SOON!  Mystery/Suspense Novella - Approximately 100 pages - Early 2018.
Second in the Series featuring CHP Officer Corbin 'CD' Dixon.

Another fictional case file, also set in Lake County, California.  During the drought year of 2014, Clear Lake is at its lowest level in over forty years.  In late summer, two tournament bass fishermen discover a vehicle upside down in the lake and report it to the CHP.  Officer Dixon investigates and discovers the vehicle has apparently been in the lake undisturbed since 1976.  When the car is opened, to CD's surprise, the mystery car is found to contain a skeleton strapped into the driver's seat. 
Dixon researches the local papers and finds a report on a missing person from the area in 1976.  But the case becomes more complicated when property stolen in an apparently unrelated robbery and murder that same night are found in the wreckage of this car!  Dixon is faced with the daunting task of unraveling 'The Secret of Soda Bay' to solve a 38-year old homicide and discover the circumstances behind the long-missing vehicle and person.

Look for the release of 'The Secret of Soda Bay' in late 2018.

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